Character Creation

Important! This is character creation for the bi-weekly campaign. The Halloween event does not use many of these rules. The Halloween page on the package I handed out contains most of what you need to know for that.

Multiple Characters

Players are encouraged to make multiple characters if they want to try out different things. Characters can be swapped out at several points during the campaign, and characters not in use will earn a portion of the overall experience total.


Players may use any WotC game source (included D&D Insider Online content, such as Dragon Magazine). However, any material that does not appear in a Player’s Handbook or * Power book may be subject to veto.

Restrictions and modifications to classes, races, or other player options noted in the Game Rule Modifications section of this wiki trump all other sources.

There is one exception to this. Daily powers (attack or utility) may only come from the source book that the class was originally published in (usually a PHB). Others may be gained through play or special quest chains.


At the beginning of the campaign, new characters are to be made with 5th level characters, refer to Experience Totals later in the campaign.

Magic Items

Magic items are handled differently. This campaign will be using the Inherent Bonuses rule found in either the Dungeon Master’s Guide II or Adventurer’s Vault II (forget which) and was also published in the Dark Sun Campaign Setting. I will also be using the concept of boons from these sources instead of magical gear.

Instead of purchasing gear, make a wishlist of magic items you want for your character. At the very least, include one magical item of each level from fourth to seventh level from any source. You may not get exactly what you ask for, but it’ll be a good guideline for me.


It is strongly encouraged that you select a single, active Deity for your character, befitting your personality or your class. Many boons (though not all of them) will be keyed to specific deities.

Character Creation

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