Game Rule Modifications

Game Rule Modifications

Important: The content in this section refers specifically to the bi-weekly Monday campaign. The one-off Halloween special follows these rules, but are modified by the handout I gave out on September 12th before Joe’s game.

Character Creation





Restrained – A restrained creature cannot stand up from prone, in addition to all other penalties.

Downed – A player character who is dropped to or below 0 Hit Points becomes downed, instead of dying.
  • You are Prone, and cannot stand up or leave your square.
  • You are Dazed, which cannot be removed and occurs even if you are otherwise immune to dazed.
  • You may only make basic attacks, no other powers are usable.
  • Any healing granted resets hit points to 0 before applying their healing effects.
  • Must make a saving through every round to avoid becoming Defeated.
Defeated – A character at or below a HP total equal to their negative bloodied value, or who has failed 3 saving throws while being downed becomes defeated, instead of dead.
  • You are unconscious and cannot act.
  • You are prone.
  • Is unaffected by damage or healing effects (Though a high-DC skill check may bring you back on your feet).

Game Rule Modifications

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